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Cold Mountians

Kingdom Commission 28
(Local Church Membership)


Nature of Membership


To provide fellowship, and networking opportunities of any individual Christians to grow in the faith and network with other Christians in missional activities via activity of the association.

In any established place of worship the appointed Pastors will be responsible for regular church services preaching, teaching the message of the gospel, and administration of sacrament. 


Membership Process


Each member shall fill out a ministry registration form according to the ministry, program, or auxiliary of participation and shall receive a basic orientation of the purposes, doctrine, and Christian beliefs of Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc DBA Kingdom Commission 28 (Fellowship church)


 Rights & Limitations Members

Each Members shall be eligible to receive, pastoral care, council discipleship, and sacrament.

Shall able to attend any of the religious services, church plants, or bible studies conducted by the Association.

Shall be able to participate in missional activities of the Association, even when in partnership with any of its member churches, ministries, or ministers.

Shall be eligible to attend training classes conducted by this Association to receive ministry training and spiritual gift & callings activation courses.


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