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Mountain Range

  Kingdom Commission 28 Church
(Naperville Location)

What does Kingdom Commission 28 Feast Fellowship church services look like?

1. It's where you have bible teaching, discussions on how to actually walk out what the scriptures are saying in our daily lives and not just be one who just hears who ever is preaching for the day, food, fellowship, music, and providing pastoral council and care to those in need.

2. It takes away from the misconception that church is a building, and put it back to the way the Bible shows it as the people are the church (We meet in the building but the community experience is not limited to that physical building and structure.)

3. We focus on intentionally development believers spiritual gifts that can be used by God to make a tremendous impact in the lives of other people in this world.

4. Finally, we consistently find ways to get involved that will benefit others in the community (The neighborhood).

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